Company Wellness
Give your Company a Health Boost!

Importance Of Company Wellness

An increasing number of companies and organizations around the globe are realizing the importance of promoting healthy dietary and lifestyle practices for their employees, and that by doing this, they can directly affect their overall financial performance.

Indeed, studies show that health promotion programs are cost-effective, with demonstrated returns on investment of two to eight times the amount invested. What’s more, even relatively simple interventions can have significant impact.

It is therefore worthwhile for all companies, whatever their size, to consider investing in the health & wellbeing of their employees for the benefit of their business as well as the workforce.

"Healthy Employees are Happy Employees."

Benefits of Company Wellness Programs*

Increased Employee Productivity
Reduction in absenteeism & Sick Leave
Reduction in Workers Compensation & Disability Costs
Reduction in Health Costs

* "Meta Analysis of 42 Corporate Wellness Studies. Meta-Evaluation of Company Health Promotion Economic Return Studies, April 2012" – Larry S Chapman.


Health Talks

Umoyo presents a series of Health Talks on how to increase energy, concentration, motivation and improve overall health. The talks are interactive, highly informative and accessible (no medical/scientific jargon!), and offer practical step by step advice that can be implemented immediately.

We tailor our talks to suit your company’s needs.

Examples of past talks:
  • Reclaim Your Health
  • Coping with Stress
  • Your Brain Power Today
  • Male Health
  • How to Avoid Chronic Illness
  • Hypertension – The Silent Killer
  • Weight Loss for Life

Health Checks

We bring our clinic to you! Umoyo carries out health screenings at your office, helping employees identify current and potential health risks as well as consulting on Diet, Lifestyle, Supplements & Therapies. The following services are offered either individually or as a package. Results are recorded and monitored to track progress.

Quick Health Checks:
Blood sugar, Blood Pressure, Height, Weight, Body Mass Index, Body Fat %, Visceral Fat, Bone Density Estimate, Muscle Mass Estimate, Hydration levels, Metabolic Age.

Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analysis:
Non-invasive tests that helps uncover a wide range of imbalances throughout the body, while also offering practical Dietary, Lifestyle & Supplement advice.

Live Blood Analysis:
Insightful test that analyses a drop of your blood under a microscope, helping to uncover many hidden imbalances, levels of toxicity & acidity in the body, as well as nutritional deficiencies.

Health Days

We frequently organize and participate in Company Health Days, offering a variety of services – such as health stalls, shoulder massages, talks, therapies, tasters, demos, etc.

Call us to discuss your Company’s needs and we will be delighted to make it a health experience to remember!

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